Master the Art of Tattoo Removal with Valentina Bardeggia’s Phiremoval Course

Join renowned specialist Valentina Bardeggia as she unveils the secrets of effective and minimally invasive tattoo removal in her comprehensive Phiremoval course. This training is designed for beauty professionals who wish to expand their expertise into the thriving field of tattoo removal using the revolutionary Phiremoval technique.

Why Choose Valentina Bardeggia’s Phiremoval Course?

Valentina Bardeggia’s course offers an in-depth look into the Phiremoval method, a superior alternative to traditional laser removal techniques. Here’s what makes this course stand out:

  • Minimally Invasive Method: Learn a tattoo removal process that is less painful and less likely to cause scarring compared to laser treatments.
  • Highly Effective on All Ink Types: Master the technique that effectively removes all types of tattoo inks, including the most stubborn colors that are difficult with laser.
  • Comprehensive Training: From initial consultation to post-treatment care, cover all aspects of the tattoo removal process.

Course Highlights

  • Expert Instruction: Taught by Valentina Bardeggia, a seasoned expert in Phiremoval.
  • Practical and Theoretical Learning: Gain hands-on experience with the Phiremoval method alongside in-depth theoretical knowledge.
  • Certification: Receive a professional certificate upon completion, affirming your expertise in Phiremoval tattoo removal.

What Will You Learn?

1. Understanding Skin and Ink

  • The types of tattoo inks and their interactions with the skin.
  • Skin anatomy and physiology relevant to tattoo removal.

2. The Phiremoval Technique

  • Detailed instruction on the use of the Phiremoval Light 15% solution and Neutralizer.
  • Proper techniques for using a 3-point, 0.18 mm needle on any permanent makeup dermograph.
  • Needle depth control for minimal invasion and maximum effectiveness.

3. Safety and Aftercare

  • Best practices for ensuring safety during the removal process.
  • Step-by-step guidance on post-treatment care to prevent infection and promote healing.

4. Client Consultation and Management

  • How to conduct initial consultations and manage client expectations.
  • Handling complications and follow-up treatments.

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for:

  • Beauty professionals looking to expand their service offerings.
  • Tattoo artists who wish to specialize in tattoo removal.
  • Anyone interested in a career in aesthetic treatments.

Course Details

  • Duration: 2 days intensive training
  • Location: Multiple locations available, including major cities
  • Fee: Competitive pricing with flexible payment options
  • Upcoming Sessions: Visit our website for the latest schedule

Enroll Now

Ready to become a certified Phiremoval expert? Spots are limited, so reserve your seat today to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Visit Valentina Bardeggia’s official website for more information and to enroll.

Expand your skills and offer your clients a new, safe, and effective service with Valentina Bardeggia’s Phiremoval course – the premier training for professionals seeking excellence in tattoo removal.

Valentina Bardeggia career

My name is Valentina Bardeggia, and I embarked on my journey in the world of permanent makeup in 2014, obtaining my certification as a tattoo artist and piercer. In 2015, I delved into tricopigmentation and later into dermopigmentation, joining the prestigious Phi Academy in 2019, thanks to the PhiBrows course.

In just three years, I achieved multiple certifications within the PhiAcademy, setting a global record by completing each one in just 10 to 15 days.

In 2022, I won the Italian Wulop Championship in the lip category. Today, I am a Master of four techniques:

  • Phibrows (Microblading)
  • Phicontour (Lips and Eyeliner)
  • Philips (Lips)
  • PhiRemoval (Tattoo Removal)

I look forward to seeing you at PmuSkills, where you can learn and delve deeper into my technique of laser-free tattoo removal with PhiRemoval.

Valentina Bardeggia Permanent Makeup
Instagram: @valentina_bardeggia_estetichl
Website: https://www.estetichlab.com/

You can see her talent live on Pmuskills World Online Conference.

Sample Tattoo removal words by Valentina Bardeggia (Phiremoval)

PhiRemoval is an advanced non-laser method designed for removing and lightening pigmentation on both the face and body, including tattoos of various sizes. Its innovative formulation sets it apart, enabling the removal of pigments that are typically resistant to laser treatments. This includes challenging areas such as the eye region, as well as stubborn pigments like titanium dioxide, yellow, and red.

What makes PhiRemoval unique is its patented approach, which utilizes equipment common in tattooing and micro-pigmentation for the removal process. The method works by drawing out the original tattoo ink from the skin. Once applied, the tattoo extraction formula begins its action, migrating upwards through the layers of the skin.

In the days following the treatment, a scab forms over the area, which contains the tattoo ink. As the skin naturally heals, it effectively pushes out the ink, leading to a noticeable lightening or complete removal of the unwanted tattoo. This process highlights the effectiveness of PhiRemoval in dealing with tattoos that are otherwise difficult to erase through conventional means.

More: https://phi-academy.com/en-us/blog/master-tattoo-removal-technique-phiacademy


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