Tamara Spina

Permanent Makeup Artist
Instagram: @tamaraspina_

Website: www.corsotruccopermanentelatina.it

Tamara Spina, giudice per Pmu Skills, gara online di trucco permanente

Tamara Spina, Master Pmu

My experience in the permanent makeup industry dates back several years, beginning with my journey into manual techniques like microblading and microshading. My passion for this craft has only grown, leading me to refine the skills I’ve acquired and to explore new ones within the realm of permanent makeup (PMU) under the guidance of top international masters.

For each client, I dedicate the full range of my professionalism and expertise acquired over the years to create work that is both technically and aesthetically of high quality, aiming to fully satisfy those who entrust me with their appearance.

I love to perform permanent makeup that looks natural, enhancing the overall look of the face without altering the individual’s identity. Clients often share with me that after leaving my studio, people tell them, “You look really good today, you seem relaxed.

You can see her talent live on Pmuskills World Online Conference.

Tamara Spina Permanent Makeup


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