Polina Sonntag

Permanent Makeup Artist
Instagram: @polina_sonntag_official

Website: https://pigmentology-pmusonntag.com/

Polina Sonntag presenting at PmuSkills Conference, the pioneer of the SMART PMU PIGMENTOLOGY online course

Polina Sonntag: Pioneer of the Pigmentology Online Course

Polina Sonntag stands at the forefront of Permanent Makeup Pigmentology, having revolutionized the industry since 2016 with her unparalleled expertise. As the visionary behind the “SMART PMU PIGMENTOLOGY BY POLINA SONNTAG,” the most comprehensive pigmentology online course available from 2021 to 2023, Polina has firmly established herself as a leading figure in the science of color in cosmetic tattoos.

The SMART PMU Pigmentology Online Course

Polina’s journey extends beyond education. As a technical expert in the development of pigments for permanent makeup and cosmetic products from 2019 to 2023, her influence has reshaped the materials professionals rely upon. In 2023, she founded Smartyline PMU, a pigment brand celebrated for its adherence to REACH standards and manufactured in a German laboratory, setting new industry benchmarks.

Training the Next Generation of Permanent Makeup artists

With over 3,000 Master Trainers and Manufacturers benefiting from her expertise, Polina’s impact on the PMU industry is profound. Her esteemed role as a keynote speaker at prominent PMU congresses, including WULOP, Interpermanent, Global Permanent, Permanent Evolution, and IBV, further highlights her authority in pigmentology.

Why Choose Polina’s pigmentology online course?

Polina Sonntag’s Pigmentology online course delivers critical knowledge on working with PM pigments, needles, devices, removers, and anaesthetics. It ensures that practitioners are equipped with the comprehensive skills needed for excellence in permanent makeup.

Elevate Your Skills with Expert Guidance

Discover the secrets to perfect, long-lasting cosmetic tattoos with Polina Sonntag’s Pigmentology online course. This course is a gateway to elevating your skills and knowledge in the art and science of pigment selection and application, guided by one of the industry’s most revered experts.

Register now and start learning:

Register now to PmuSkills Conference and take the first step towards mastering the art of pigmentology with Polina Sonntag. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your practice with insights from one of the foremost experts in permanent makeup pigmentology.

Discover the Art of Permanent Makeup with Polina Sonntag’s Photo Gallery

Step into the world of permanent makeup through the lens of Polina Sonntag’s exclusive photo gallery. This curated collection offers a glimpse into the transformative power of PMU, featuring before-and-after shots, detailed course materials, and insights from Polina herself. Each image is a showcase of the skills and techniques taught in Polina’s Online Pigmentology and PMU Course, designed to inspire and educate both novices and experienced artists alike. Experience the beauty and precision of PMU artistry and embark on a journey of learning and mastery with one of the industry’s most respected professionals.

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