Olga Hanafy

Permanent Makeup Artist
Instagram: @olgahanafy_pm
Instagram: @hanafycolourspigments
Permanent Makeup School: https://hanafy-education.ru/

Olga Hanafy permanent makeup online course

Olga Hanafy Bio and career

OLGA HANAFY is the author of the basic materials required to create the natural, ethereal beauty of PMU.

Hanafy Colours Pigments” – created by a master with extensive experience and expertise in the field of permanent make-up.

These are not just words, because everything below is about her:

  • Head of her own permanent make-up studio-school in Moscow since 2005
  • Founder of the first Russian website for PMU masters “PM- forum” (pm-forum.ru) 2009-2016
  • Author in a specialized magazine “Permanent Make-Up”
  • International class judge and jury member of many Russian and international championships
  • Regular speaker at the PM conferences and congresses.

Her most recent trips include a Grand Tour around the world, where Olga was a speaker in various conferences and championships, such as:

  • Wulop in Kazachstan and in Vietnam
  • Wulop in Italy, for the second year in a row
  • Wulop Final in Turkey
  • Conference
  • “Permanent Evolution”, one of the biggest and most important in Russia 2017-2022
  • Great PMU Indonesia festival;
  • PMU Conference in Bangkok

What matters is the fact that Olga Hanafy enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge by running master-classes in various countries on the basic topic of “FUNDAMENTALS OF PIGMENTOLOGY and COLORISTICS IN PMU” in Belarus, Belgium, Turkey, Russia, among others.

Participation in such events is a new experience and an acquisition of invaluable knowledge. It is also an opportunity to form new connections and useful acquaintances, which are necessary for the smooth flow of life.

Olga Hanafy works on lips:

Olga Hanafy sample permanent makeup works:


You can see her talent live on Pmuskills World Online Conference.



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