Mariya Savchenko (PmuSkills Organizer)

Permanent Makeup Master Trainer (Italy based)
Instagram: @mariya.savchenko.pmu
Facebook: @pmu.mariyasavchenko
Website: https://mariyasavchenko.it
Academy Website: https://corsi.mariyasavchenko.it/

Mariya Savchenko Permanent Makeup online training and video tutorials

Mariya Savchenko career

I have 15 years of experience as a beautician and 9 as a dermopigmentist, supported by an in-depth knowledge of the art of Make-Up.

Over the years I have developed a personal technique based on the naturalness of the result and on listening to the customer. Even today I continue my training methodically, selecting the courses held by the best masters in the world, both online and face-to-face. Every year I reserve working hours and a percentage of my budget to travel and attend courses that I carefully choose, following the development of my professional path.

The work I love consists in enhancing the beauty that already resides in each of us, framing it in its natural harmony. I do not pretend to add or subtract anything that is not already inscribed in the unique perfection of each face. My first goal is to understand the face in front of me, in order to analyze it and be able to offer the best possible advice. For me, each work is unique, individually designed based on the facial features and anatomical features.

As a trainer I founded my Permanent Makeup Academy, MSAcademy, where I frequently teach permanent makeup and dermopigmentation courses from basic to advanced level.

Mariya Savchenko PMU permanent makeup works


You can see her talent live on Pmuskills World Online Conference.



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Organizers: Mariya Savchenko (co-founder, technical direction, Pierdante Romei (co-founder, Marketing and Visuals)

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