Makoto Suzuki

Permanent Makup Master and Trainer

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Makoto Suzuki permanent makeup Judge

Makoto Suzuki bio and career

Founder of Suzukoo International PMU Academy and KOO MASTER PMU.
Makoto, the visionary behind Suzukoo International PMU Academy and KOO MASTER PMU, is a globally recognized expert in the field of permanent makeup. With a presence in Hawaii and Japan, her devotion to permanent makeup transforms lives, fostering self-assuredness and accentuating beauty.

Makoto specializes in Nano hair strokes, a technique that sets her apart in the industry. Her influence extends beyond her academies as she serves as a respected judge at international PMU conferences and competitions, earning her prestigious awards and solidifying her reputation as a leader in the field.

In addition to her accolades, Makoto is dedicated to making a difference by helping individuals suffering from alopecia, using her expertise to restore confidence and enhance lives.
She also extends her knowledge to a global audience through her YouTube channel, where she shares her skills with everyone.

Makoto Suzuki Permanent Makeup


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