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Professional Products for Permanent Makeup Artists
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About Hanafy

Hanafy Colours Pigments is an international company producing certified products for permanent makeup.
Olga Hanafy is a creator of Hanafy pigments and an active artist with experience since 2005. Gathered experience and expertise in permanent makeup helps her create high-quality products and satisfy the needs of the most demanding artists.

The wide geography of the use of products shows recognition of the quality of the products around the world. More than 130 representatives in different countries are actively developing our brand in their regions.

We offer reasonable prices and high delivery speed as both our representatives have our products and marketplaces, which significantly reduces delivery time for our customers

High-quality certified pigments are made from American raw materials, which are environmentally friendly and are not tested on animals

A wide range of colours helps each artist to find their own coluor and choose the right shade for each client. There are more than 36 pigments in the range

Using the hashtag #hanafycolourspigments on Instagram you can find more than 30,000 artworks with the use of our pigments and more are added daily!

Our pigments are used by the most popular artists who hit the podium at competitions and championships. Join the best ones!

Works by Olga Hanafy

Hanafy pigments


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Organizers: Mariya Savchenko (co-founder, technical direction, Pierdante Romei (co-founder, Marketing and Visuals)

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