Anna Kutsevolova

Permanent Makeup Artist
Instagram: @kutsevolova_anna
Instagram: @pigments_brovi

Website: https://kutsevolova.com/list

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Anna Kutsevolova career

Anna Kutsevolova is an international, world-recognized dermpigmentist and master and owner of a famous center in Russia specializing in hyperrealistic treatments.

Anna Kutsevolova specializes in eyebrow reconstruction treatments on men, women, and children who suffer from alopecia or have undergone chemotherapy procedures.

She has given hundreds of Masterclasses around the world, training more than +1000 dermopigmentists.

He has treated more than +10,000 clients in his career, performing admirable dermopigmentation work.

Anna Kutsevolova is Special Guest Judge | Pmuskills World Online Conference and Contest



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