Alesia Rybak

Permanent Makup Artist

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Alesia Rybak, pmu skills judge - Permanent makeup online competition

 Alesia Rybak bio and career

My name is Alesia Rybak

I’ll show you how to make every person in the world your happy customer. By combining aesthetic camouflage and psychology, I created a formula for the harmony of the external and internal.

I am the founder and CEO of the premium aesthetic medicine clinic AR aesthetics in the Czech Republic @ar_aesthetics_prague

I am one of 3 specialists in the world who conduct procedure camouflage of circles under the eyes.

Currently, I am collaborating with the prestigious University of Chicago’s department of psychosomatic medicine to lead research on vitiligo and its treatment. This groundbreaking research has been approved in two countries, while approval processes are underway in two others.

A number of articles were published about me in the media, such as Estetika medica and Harper’s Bazaar on the topics: “Uncovering the Art of Aesthetic Camouflage” and “Say Goodbye to Dark Circles”

I am a judge and Speaker at WULOP and other world congresses

I am one of the TOP specialists in the camouflage of skin defects.

For more than 10 years of my activity, a huge number of techniques have been studied, experience has been gained, on the basis of which my unique methods have been developed.

Aesthetic camouflage appeared in my life 5 years ago, when a Czech millionaire approached me to help him with his scar. Since then, I have been working on recommendations, helping high-profile clients including celebrities, politicians, and entrepreneurs

And if you do not want to invest huge amounts in marketing and advertising, but at the same time increase profits; if you want to make every client happy and at the same time choose with whom you will work and with whom not, welcome to my courses where I have collected all possible camouflage options on the body and a squeeze from the numerous modalities of psychology, which will be enough for you to make your client happy in the field of camouflage and permanent makeup.




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Organizers: Mariya Savchenko (co-founder, technical direction, Pierdante Romei (co-founder, Marketing and Visuals)

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