Aksana Kurashevich

Permanent Makeup Artist
Instagram: @aksana.visart

Aksana Kurashevich, expert judge in permanent makeup PMU championship, posing with professional tools

Aksana Kurashevich bio and career

My name is Aksana, originally from Belarus, but Italian at heart since 2009. I am an esthetician with nearly two decades of experience. I’ve been a PMU artist for 10 years. I’m a mother and wife, and an entrepreneur with multiple projects in the beauty industry and a fantastic team!

I initially entered the beauty world out of pure curiosity and passion, which soon became my full-time job. Having treated more than 1000 clients and completed over 30 advanced courses from international masters, I have developed my own style over time. Working with microblading and semi-permanent makeup techniques, I specialize in enhancing faces in a delicate, natural, and harmonious way, which has distinguished me for a long time.

I love sharing my knowledge with my students and am confident that anyone can achieve exceptional results! I help them do so. ?

A few more facts about me:

  • I started my business in a very small space on my own, and now I have a 100sqm studio and a team of 6 wonderful girls.
  • I won the ? Wulop Switzerland championship (international) in the Microblading category.
  • I started traveling alone (with an artistic group I attended) at the age of 9, and this passion lives on with me.
  • In addition to my esthetician qualification, I have 2 degrees (in Languages and Communication) – I guess I love studying ?.
  • We have 2 dogs in our family.
  • I am raising a bilingual child (and hope to introduce another language soon ??).
  • I don’t like cooking… but I have a fantastic husband ?.

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